We are commercial trial lawyers.  We represent a variety of clients in business disputes that involve commercial transactions, corporate governance, and shareholder litigation. We provide our clients with effective and pragmatic solutions to their legal problems, focusing on their particular objectives and needs, while tailoring solutions to the surrounding circumstances.



Christopher Kammerer and John Mariani successfully have represented various clients --fortune 500 companies, privately held companies and individuals in Florida State and Federal courts. Our professional commitment is built around best practices that achieve measurable value for our clients and their businesses. The greatest legal work adds value only if it is translated into a timely action plan with a proper relation of cost to benefit analysis. Through interdisciplinary collaboration our lawyers combine purpose, passion and integrity to help our clients make informed decisions at the right time. With competent risk assessment, identifying economic opportunities and setting realistic time frames, our solution process is “lean and clean.”




To evaluate and define strategic solutions with our clients for their legal problems is our primary purpose. We have the highest regard and sense of responsibility to our clients, and we set reliable objectives right from the start.  Working closely with our clients, we determine what is meaningful and important for well conceived planning to solve legal problems. Our relationships are built on trust, complete confidentiality, and the highest ethical standards.




Our purpose is to solve the legal problems that lie between our clients and their objectives.  We apply the same attention to detail when tailoring an appropriate plan of action whether for solutions of complex and high stakes cases or lawsuits that are more traditional in nature. Every case may present different scenarios within relevant, preferred outcomes. Our solutions reach beyond the immediate resolution and are built to contribute long-term value to our clients.  Working closely, we shape the right exit-strategy based on a “big picture perspective” to identify and anticipate potential risks that can affect the overall objectives.  We are continuously motivated by the challenge of “digging deeper” to formulate pragmatic strategies and define avenues of success positioned on careful analysis.


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Contacting us by email to this Website does not establish a client-attorney relationship between you and us. You should not send any confidential information to us through this website because we are unable to receive it as confidential or to treat it as confidential.

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  • Arbitration

  • Business litigation

  • Complex commercial litigation

  • Disputes involving ownership and control of limited liability companies, partnerships, and closely held corporations

  • Fiduciary duty litigation

  • Financial services litigation

  • Healthcare litigation

Areas Of Practice


  • Intellectual property litigation

  • Mass tort (defense)

  • Misappropriation litigation

  • Product liability litigation (defense)

  • Real estate litigation

  • Securities litigation

  • Shareholder derivative litigation

  • Toxic tort litigation (defense)

  • Trade practices litigation

  • Trade secrets and non-competition litigation